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Welcome to Four Quarter Theater!

Four Quarter Theater invites you to join us in 2019 as we dive into our fifth year of presenting new short works. With three years and over seventy new plays behind us, we are really excited to kick off another year of  great new ten-minute plays.

4QT was founded in 2014 by five theater artists who met when we were cast in a show. Working together was so rewarding that we decided to keep the momentum going. What else could we do but start our own theater company?


Each quarter of the year, 4QT produces an evening of rehearsed readings of new ten-minute plays framed around a seasonal theme. We've been delighted with unexpected interpretations every season. We thrive on the collaboration between our playwrights, actors, and directors. It's a wonderful mix: Take a new ten-minute play, add the vision of a great director, combine it with the craft of talented actors, and you can never tell what might happen!

Four Quarter Theater



Stay tuned for date and venue to be announced.

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